Reports and Working papers

These reports and working papers have been published by the OECD within the framework of its project on financial education.


Financial Education for Migrants and their Families


OECD/INFE Progress report on financial education to G20


Promoting Financial Inclusion through Financial Education: OECD/INFE Evidence, Policies and Practice

Financial Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Rationale, Overview and Way Forward
Disponible en español: La educación financiera en América Latina y el Caribe. Situación actual y perspectivas

Russia-OECD-World Bank Trust Fund for Financial Literacy and Education (2008-2013): Overview and OECD outputs


The status of financial education in Africa

Financial Education, Savings and Investments: An Overview

Annual DC Pension Statements and the Communications Challenge

Lessons From National Pension Communication Campaigns

Current Status of National Strategies for Financial Education: A Comparative Analysis and Relevant Practices

Measuring Financial Literacy: Results of the OECD / International Network on Financial Education (INFE) Pilot Study

Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness and Education



Framework for the Development of Financial Literacy Baseline Surveys: A First International Comparative Analysis

Financial Education and the Crisis: Policy Paper and Guidance

Financial Education and Annuities

Credit: Some Macroeconomic, Market and Consumer Implications - Selected issues and Trends from Four OECD Countries

Pension Information: the Annual Statement at a Glance

Financial Education Programmes in Schools: Analysis of Selected Current Programmes and Literature

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Financial Education Programmes